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Missing regions in Wordstat Yandex: what to do

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Just ran into a problem the other day.: Missing regions in Wordstat Yandex, at the same time, it became impossible to use the service for detailed statistics by region, since from the entire list of regions only the Central, including Moscow and Moscow region. Situation, as it turned out, observed since about October 20 of this year. Yandex support claims, what are technical problems, but, reading the correspondence of colleagues in topics and forums, I agree with the general opinion, that Yandex removed the regions for a reason, and this is part of the service development strategy.

The situation looks like this:

Yandex Wordstat does not work region selection

How to choose a region in Wordstat

At the moment I propose three ways to solve the problem of the disappearance of regions:

All successful targeted parsing!

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